Debra Peterson

Debra is a professionally trained and licensed Hypnotherapist since 2004.

She is a Holistic Health Practitioner providing Holistic Health Services for positive life changes.

Trained in:

- Hypnotherapy

- Stress Management

- NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

- Past Life and Spiritual Regression

- Reiki energy therapy

- Matrix Energetics

- Health Coaching

professional Hypnosis

  • Weight Reduction
  • Stop Smoking 
  • Stress Management
  • Holistic Mind-Body    Energy Therapies
  • Hypnosis for Health    and Well- being
  • Self Confidence
  • Inner Peace
  • Athletic Enhancement
  • Regression Hypnosis
  • Holistic Health Coaching


Enhancing the body's energetic systems can optimize your body's health.

Past life and spiritual regression may be helpful for unexplained chronic ailments or relationship issues.


energy therapy


Tucson, Arizona

Hypnosis that is:

- Affordable

- Private and Personalized (no large impersonal groups)

- 1-on-1 live hypnosis sessions with a trained hypnotherapist (Debra) every session

- Quiet, peaceful professional office space

- Convenient weekend and evening appointments

- Are you wanting more Peace, Health and Harmony in your life?

- Are you wanting an Holistic approach to Mind-Body health?

- Call for FREE  consultation!         Call now: 509-262-4685

Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic use of positive suggestions,

guided imagery, and other modalities to facilitate beneficial, desired changes in a person's life. It is a powerful, safe therapeutic tool to help change stuck emotional patterns and create positive new life solutions. 

Hypnosis is a natural, alpha or theta state of consciousness. Your

mind is aware and alert, you experience pleasant physical relaxation, heightened senses, increased concentration, and increased suggestibility to positive suggestions.

Hypnosis can be a comfortable and enjoyable experience of

deep physical and mental relaxation. Hypnosis helps harness

the power of your subconscious mind to change your beliefs,

attitudes or behaviors to ones which are more positive and desired.

In hypnosis, a client cannot say or do anything against their moral

or ethical code. You are always in control! People that can be

hypnotized easily are intelligent, have good focus and

concentration ability, can visualize and express emotions, and can get into a daydream state easily.

Smoking is a subconscious mind habit that can be eliminated by hypnosis, with no weight gain.

Offering an individually-tailored unique program of private hypnosis sessions, educational materials, and a reinforcement hypnosis CD.



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