Long Distance Phone Sessions Available

Reiki and Matrix Energetics

- I am a trained Reiki Master

- Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing, where the therapist is a     channel for higher divine energies

- Matrix Energetics is a healing modality which is based upon quantum physics

- It is a pleasant experience


- Meditation and Guided Imagery

- Reiki energy therapy

- Matrix Energetics

- Tuning Fork sound therapy

- Chakra balancing

convenient weekend and evening appointments available

energy therapy can clear chakras, meridians and the auric field

7 Chakra System

- First (base of spine) grounding, survival

- Second (lower abdomen) creativity, sex

- Third (solar plexus) energy center

- Fourth (heart) divine love

- Fifth (throat) communication

- Sixth (3rd eye) intuition

- Seventh (crown) spiritual connection

- Allow your chakras to be cleared, healed and balanced

- Tuning up your chakra system allows the mind, body and spirit to be more in alignment with your divine essence

Tuning Fork Sound Therapy

- I use high quality tuning forks that are individually tuned to the frequency of each of the 7 chakras

- Your chakras go into resonance with each tuning fork as your chakra system    is balanced

Meditation and Guided Imagery

- These safe, pleasant techniques help to create inner peace

- Learn how to tap into your quiet inner state of calm and well being

- This experience is very peaceful and relaxing

- Learn how to manage your stress level through routine meditation


can be used to tap into higher  spiritual awareness

enErgy Therapy

- The philosophy behind energy therapy is that humans are essentially a spiritual energy field of light and information in a temporary earth body

- Energy therapy clears, heals and balances your energy field, strengthening your aura and tuning up your chakra system

- It is a quiet, relaxing experience

- I have been doing energy therapy for over 25 years

- I also teach classes in energy therapy

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