Are you ready to quit?

benefits of

stop smoking:

- Health benefits of increased health and adding years to your life

- Save money by stop wasting thousands of dollars a year on buying cigarettes and higher health insurance premiums

- Emotional benefit of having a healthier, longer life with your family and friends

- No more yellow stained teeth, ugly facial wrinkles and the bad smell that fills your clothes and repels others

- Tax savings (IRS Publication 502) of a qualified stop smoking program as a deductible medical expense

how quitting can help

your health:

- After 20 minutes: normalized blood pressure and pulse rates

- After 8 hours: normalized carbon monoxide levels in your blood

- After 1 day: heart attack risk decreases

- After 2 days: improved sense of taste and smell

- 2-12 weeks: improved blood flow circuation, easier breathing and walking

- 1-9 months: less coughing, more nergy reduced chance of lung infections

- 1 year: decreased risk of heart attack by half

- 5 years: reduced risk of lung an other cancers



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stop smoking


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smoking can cause:

- Emphazema or lung disease

- Cancer (lung, throat, mouth, lip, gum,   esophogus, bladder, kidney, pancreas

- Heart disease

- Dental, skin, reproductive, bone, vision, and urinary problems

ARE you tired of:

- Being out of breath easily?

- Your clothes and hair smelling horrible?

- Yellowing teeth and gum disease?

- The fear of early death (cancer, heart   disease, stroke, emphazema) due to smoking?

- Looking older than you are, wrinkles?

- Worrying about the negative effects of

second hand smoke and your loved ones?

- Wasting lots of money on cigarettes?

- Having to go outside in the cold or rain to smoke?

- Letting tobacco control your life?


- "Upon arriving home (after the session) and seeing others smoking, I realized this was truly working for me (of being a non-smoker). I no longer felt that I had no control over the urge to smoke. I am now a non-smoker and will remain a non-smoker. For that, I have Debra to thank for helping me realize that I am in control of my life now. " E.A.-Spokane, WA

- "I have never felt so relaxed and empowered. I now know that I can do anything I set my mind to. Debra has really got the perfect voice to put you into a very relaxed and open mind set. Thank you very much." R.C. - Elk, WA



Alternative Health Therapy Hypnosis

stop smoking program  consists of:

- 1 on 1 personalized hypnosis sessions

- Audio hypnosis reinforcement take home CD

- Stress management techniques

financial cost of smoking:

- If you stopped smoking 2 packs a day you would SAVE:

- $104 in a week

- $420 in a month

- $5,040 in a year

- $25,200 in 5 years

- $50,400 in 10 years