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reading resources:

- 'Journey of Souls' by Michael Newton

- 'Destiny of Souls' by Michael Newton

past life regression Hypnosis

- Is used to heal present life phobias or dysfunctional relationships by understanding past life experiences.

- Works on the premise that the ability to recall and understand past life traumas, will release or ease the result of these past traumas in your present life.

- This is a remarkable tool to enhance spiritual understandings and development.

- The concept of 'karma' is directly addressed in the process of past life regression therapy.

- The transformational result is a person that can now lead a more complete, happy life.

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reading resources:

- 'Many Lives, Many Masters' by Brian Weiss

- 'Other Lives, Other Selves' by Roger Woolger

- 'Life Without Guilt' by Hazel Denning

- 'Past Life Regression' by Ursula Markham

- 'A Soul's Journey' by Jeanne Avery and Nann Gatewood


- 'I specialize in spiritual hypnosis and past life regressions. The session with Debra was one that changed my life in many ways. She is the first and only regressionist I have met who could take me to the same level as I take my clients to. I fully trust and highly endorse Debra, not only for her talents as a hypnotherapist, but also for her high integrity and compassion for others'. Char Hutson - Portland, OR


- "Debra Peterson has worked hard to learn the advanced techniques that can be employed in taking regression work into a truly healing environment. I have watched her growth as a lightworker, and am most pleased to endorse her work. "

GW Hardin - NY Times best selling author of 'The Messengers', 'The Days of Wonder', 'On the Wings of Heaven', and 'Gateway to Miracles'.

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regression hypnosis - 3 types

spiritual regression

- Facilitates the opportunity for a person's soul to re-experience the spirit realm (where souls go between human incarnations).

- Is a way to access spiritual guidance by regressing to the spirit realm dimension.

- A person may connect with their Soul Council (beings of light that assist each soul regarding their earthly mission and soul purpose)

- A person may remember themselves as a divine immortal being of light and energy.

- A client may communicate with their spirit guides or angels as they feel the loving energies of 'Home'.


- Lets a person recall life experiences at different ages in their life.

- The purpose is to help release traumatic early life experiences by letting the subconscious mind revisit the trauma, learn any misunderstood lessons from that experience, or emotionally release the trauma and participants.